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Sophie Jones

Hi, this is Sophie, I am a blogger, journalist, fitness coach, nutritionist, and retreats leader in Bali.

Looking for help with charity

Hi, we are looking for someone who is interested in traveling and living in Bali to help us as a charity manager. They will be responsible for administrating and planning the giving events that we will be doing as part of our retreats. We see this as a paid position yet of course volunteers are always welcome.

Weight Loss Retreat in Bali by Sophie Jones

Hi and welcome to my webpage, Bali Weight Loss… retreats for losing weight, getting fit and looking and feeling great! As many of you reading this will know, over the last few years I’ve been putting on far more retreats focused primarily on weight loss and fitness. This has been an evolution of progress based on the results and feedback from guests on our retreats.

Once-In-a-Lifetime Fitness Retreats for Women

Planning a trip? Consider one of these fitness and wellness options in Costa Rica, the United States, and other exciting destinations. It’s almost spring, thank goodness. While you’re planning your next escape, consider booking a fitness or wellness retreat that takes the guesswork out of your itinerary—because, well, it’s all done for you.

Top 10 Fitness Retreats

Here we look at 10 of Asia's top retreats, bootcamps and fitness courses offering a variety of attentive, fun-loving and challenging activities. Judging from the most recent stories we have published from AsiaSpa, fitness is part and parcel of the ideal holiday experience. The good news is that. fitness retreats and bootcamps are gaining in popularity so it's becoming easier.

Costa Rica’s top retreat leader sets up camp in Bali, Indonesia

Costa Rica has been known for all kinds of retreats from fitness to Yoga, healthy eating and self-help, to detoxification and cleanse, and over the last decade Sophie Jones has been front of house and behind the scenes in putting on these very same health retreats. And while Sophie Jones is not established in Bali as a retreat leader or even in close contact with the current Bali top names, she does carry clout from Costa Rica.

Help me announce Sophie Jones' retreat in Bali

Hi this is Sophie Jones and I am holding a fitness retreat event in Bali ( on the month of June 2017. I would love for this to be shared so more people can come and join us to lose weight, get in shape and feel incredible! You can also find more information on my blog at and on google+ Any help in spreading the word about my new weight loss retreat in Bali would be absolutely fantastic!

22 weight loss spas and fitness retreats in the u.s. and canada

This is an editorial round-up of weight loss spas and health/fitness retreats in Canada and the U.S. Some of the destinations featured offer guided weight loss programs, others offer low calorie fare, fitness activities and lifestyle classes with more of a self-guided approach. Below, in random order, are top weight loss spas and fitness retreats:

Break into the Fitness Industry and Find the Right Job

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Sophie Jones

I love my life in Bali, I lead retreats and help my guests reach their fitness goals.

In my spare time I blog and write articles for different publications. I love the thrill of the chase in journalism!

Sophie Jones